Days Gone By Not Bygones Yet

Days Gone By Not Bygones Yet

New Years is traditionally a time that people stop and think about the future. They see it as a fresh start and an opportunity to change some things that need changing. This year I have all sorts of ideas about what I would like to accomplish and goals I want to set for myself. But before I jump in head first, I want to pause a moment and reflect on the year that has just past. I don’t just want to dismiss it as over and done with and let days gone by be just bygones. Instead, I want to savor all the flavors of 2010 and to do this I’m going to take a page from the playbook of my friend Princess KK and recount all the things I did this year that I have never done before. However, I am going to put my own personal spin on this and mix in some lessons leaned and personal observations…

1. I traveled out of the country (twice).
2. I flew over the ocean and ate breakfast on the plane as the sun came up.
3. I discovered that I still have what it takes to pick up a 21 year old at the bar (for which I can’t take all the credit, some should go to my wing women, Amy and Brandy).
4. I learned a lesson in living for the moment.
5. I did a zip line above a rain forrest in Mexico.
6. I had fish and chips (seriously, I had never had fish and chips before).
7. I developed the 2nd prerequisite criteria from the song “Glitter In The Air” by P!nk.
8. I rode on a subway (mass transit not a sandwich) and a double decker bus (special thanks to my dear friend Dindin).
9. I found the right track for being OK with the way I look.
10. I played tennis for the first time in 19 years and discovered that I really like it.
11. I testified in court and survived the Ides of March.
12. I played on a sand volleyball team and overcame my fear of the ball.
13. I traveled on the Eurostar and saw Paris.
14. I discovered that green vegetables are not so bad after all.
15. I learned to never leave anything of value in a hotel room, no matter how well you think you have it hidden.
16. I had three dates with three different people in the same week and learned never to do that again.
17. I saw a glacier and a marmot.
18. I found the courage to post my writing in a public forum.
19. I was present at the largest concert ever held in Northern Ireland (Snow Patrol in Bangor, June 5th) and cried when they sang “The Planets Bend Between Us”.
20. I learned that concerts and vacations are way better when shared with good friends.
21. I developed a taste for the cider and learned the hard way that three pints are too much.
22. I was presented with a theory of existence (Atomic Faith) that is not only plausible, but also makes sense next to everything else I hold true, and in that I found another reason to bgood (thanks Vis).
23. I was greeted at the airport by a driver with a sign with my name on it.
24. I went skiing at Mount Crescent in Iowa and rocked the beginner slope.
25. And finally, I have learned that it’s OK if I don’t understand the meaning of love, as long as I enjoy the journey to try and figure it out.

As I think back thoughtfully on each of these items I have a different set of emotions that gets stirred up inside of me. I also recognize that I have done some pretty incredible things this past year and having done them in such a short amount of time gives me great hope for the future. It fills me with a certain confidence that I can accomplish anything I want to if I set my mind to it and with that I can push forward and focus on the next set of “firsts” that are on my list.

Get ready 2011, here I come…

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