Law of Averages

Law of Averages

My sister recently posted a blog about everything going her way finally and somehow I feel that means that something bad is going to come and bite me in the ass. Why does my brain think that just because someone else is on the right track and happy that I am going to find the wrong track and be miserable? Well I’m going to blame it on the “Law of Averages”.

So what is this “Law” of which I speak? Quite simply it is the universe maintaining a constant balance with all things chaos and unknown. Have you ever noticed that when one part of the country or the world is being hit by natural disaster, things seem extra peachy somewhere else? Like when there is a massive snowstorm in the northeast part of the US, the temps are unseasonably warm in the Midwest. And when there are earthquakes and volcanos ravaging some unfortunate country, other parts of the world are having a much needed rain or a string of unbelievably beautiful days. I think this is mother natures way of keeping the balance of things in check. But this is not only true for things on a large scale, I’ve noticed this going on at every level, even personally.

It seems that when people around me are complaining about gaining weight others are losing it and just as one friend gets laid off from his job, another happens upon a great opportunity. Someone around me is always excited about new relationship prospects, while someone else is complaining about their significant other. These are the sort of things that make me believe in grand scale that governs the universe. If good things are in motion somewhere in space and time, then bad things must be on the move somewhere else.

It’s sort of like Newton’s Third Law, but applied with the idea that there are more dimensions involved. His third law, commonly stated “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” is a law of motion that is used to describe the behavior of things in a physical state. I’m postulating that if you take that same concept, but add the other dimensions, like a fourth spacial dimension or a time dimension, then anything that occurs would cause an equal reaction somewhere else along the space time continuum. This can even be extended into the 10th and 11th dimensions where one could conclude that all things that exist are in balance with each other; all the atoms, sub-atomic particles, and even the 1 dimensional oscillating lines (strings) known as quarks are in finite supply and are required by the “Law of Averages” to maintain equilibrium.

Bringing it back a notch, I would conclude simply that even though things may seem chaotic and random, everything is cyclical and constantly shifting to maintain balance. This occurs within the confines of given parameters for everything from global weather patterns to the neurons firing in our brains that spark thoughts and emotions. It may be those very same neurons that cause me to believe in this “Law of Averages” and how I come to use it as a way to explain why bad things must happen…

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1 Response to Law of Averages

  1. Jamie says:

    This is a mind fuck, and I really like it. Seems to be true too. But that doesn’t mean something bad will happen to you.. maybe you are on the right side of the balance beam for this round of positive occurances.

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