Silent Freight Train

Silent Freight Train

I can feel the beginning of the end like a silent freight train
It’s wheels making no noise as they glide on the tracks.

I can feel the wind rushing past me as I ride atop the engine car
Coming at me so fast I can’t really catch a good breath.

There are moments when things flash before me
That look across the table that needs no words,
In it is a hint of feelings that promises something more.

I close my eyes to try and capture the essence of it forever
Set it in stone and use it to somehow put on the brakes
But there is already too much fuel for the fire.

When I open my eyes I can see clearly what is ahead
Like it is the brightest day that ever was and the earth is flat for miles
I know what is in the distance
I have had this map in my hand since I boarded.

My eyes become watery from the wind whipping across them
and from the bright sun and the lonely feeling of this moment.

I hear a voice from down below, calling to me
“Come back down and take your seat, just enjoy the ride”.

My instincts well up and sway me without words
I’m better off reaching the destination from this vantage point
As I think this thought to myself, the thought itself becomes an accelerator.

We’re going so fast now it’s like the sensation of falling
I’m suspended and still, yet the ground is rushing up to meet me
And everything becomes a blur.

I close my eyes again and brace for impact.

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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