Living Our Lives Out Loud

Living Our Lives Our Loud

So I was at this family event – it was sort of a “delayed” St. Patty’s Day celebration and though my friends UV and Cranberry were not invited I was only five minutes in the door when my dad introduces me to one of our esteemed guests, Miss Margarita. I know I recognized her from somewhere else, but since I’m terrible with such details, I just let it go. We chatted for a bit over the corned beef and cabbage (kudos to Chris for the fantastic meal), and became fast friends…

Truth be told, there were lots of good friends around the table tonight. And I must count myself lucky to be one among them and even luckier that they are my family. It’s a group of genuine, good-hearted people, who always mean well, but are not afraid to, how shall I say “tell it like it is”.

There were stories of days long gone (and some not so long gone) about each and every one getting caught doing something they should not have been and dare you speak up to tell a tale, as that is the fastest way to have your own name brought up next. I, of course, sit off to the side playing UNO with Zoey and Todd just listening to this back-and-forth not saying a word because I don’t have much to contribute. Well…I did bail my sister out of jail once, but that’s really her story and not mine.

I always find it extremely refreshing to be around people who are so open about their lives, all the good things and the bad. It seems to me that one of the things wrong with society today is that everyone is trying so hard to prove to the world they are a success or that their lives are picture perfect. As you roll through it, if that’s the only feedback you are getting from the people around you, then you start to feel inadequate. But the truth of the matter is that nobody’s life is perfect, even Lady GaGa has issues with her wardrobe now and again.

I think everyone would be much better off if people were not afraid to talk about the things that are wrong as well as those that are right and as Rob would say “Live our lives out loud”. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be around good, positive people because I believe in the benefits of happiness within the social network. But you can be honest and open about your life while maintaining a positive outlook. And if this evenings festivities are any indication, my family seems to be doing this quite swimmingly.

There was a lot of laughter, food, and good conversation that danced on the inappropriate side of only a few times and it was a great night.

I admitted to Miss Margarita that things have been a touch on the dark side lately, and she suggested that I should shine a little light on everything around me, and say “man it’s good to be someone”.

So I did, and you know what??…It really is pretty damn good!

Peace Out,

P.S. Thanks to Rob for this awesome video which helped
in the making of this moment – You Rock!… Someday

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1 Response to Living Our Lives Out Loud

  1. Julie/Mom says:

    As you know, I am pretty good friends with Miss Margarita alreadyand I’m glad the family get-together (even thought it couldn’t & wouldn’t include me) made you feel better, I think. Real is real!!! Love Ya. M

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