Words You Never Knew

Words You Never Knew

I had words for you, from you
From the very start.
Words that danced around my brain
And sprang forth from my heart.

Things from our first night together
And the second, and the last.
Things you never knew were there
Because you never asked.

There were words for random sleepless nights
And some from my traveling mind,
And some from the sadness that I felt
When I was holding back goodbye.

You applied your heat to me
And thawed the glacier that was my heart,
And I was fearful of the end of us
Right from the very start.

On any given Tuesday
Reason warned me to be wary of things,
But when Friday would come, it all melted away
And I’d embrace what the epiphany sings.

There are endless words within me
But you chose to let me go,
So those words I would have written for you, from you
We will never get to know.

Yet you’re the reason these words are here now
For all the world to see.
You gave me courage, strength, and love
And then you set me free.

From: The Simply Vera Era (July 2010 through the present)

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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1 Response to Words You Never Knew

  1. Julie/Mom says:

    I guess I am confused about what I see in Shyspark. Are all the writings yours or do you put other people’s writings in sometimes?

    Words You Never Knew is sad and beautiful at the same time. You are some very complicated girl and I love you very much. I do believe I know exactly who you are talking to/about in this Words You Never Knew.

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