Though You Might Be Sleeping

Though You Might Be Sleeping

Though I think you might be sleeping
I am here in case you need me
I want to reach out and get a hold of you
And help you like you’ve helped me through.

As another day has been laid into its grave
And you retreat back in your silent cave
With just one ping sent out into the cruel, cruel world
All of your pain and suffering has been unfurled.

Its raw, it’s real it’s yours to own
But others are here, you don’t have to be alone
To bear the weight of what can’t be mended
To suffer in silence the things that have ended.

And though I think you might be sleeping
I want you to know as the sun comes creeping
I’ll still be here in the light of tomorrow
To help you through your pain and sorrow.


I wrote this recently for a friend of mine who is going through a hard time. I don’t have a whole lot more to say about it than that, except that I hope the people in my life realize that they can depend on me in a time of need. The friends we keep are near and dear to us, and people need people. I have a fair number of people that I can turn to when things get tough, and I feel very fortunate. This poem is about my pledge to try and return that support when it is needed…

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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