Racing the Sunset

Racing the Sunset

Tonight I raced the sunset at Chalco. This time I won, despite taking that first turn too fast and biffing it in the grass – hard. When I fell, something on the front of the bike was pulled past its breaking point and snapped, rendering my front brake useless. I was able to finish the loop with just one brake, however, and continued around a second time until I found a nice spot to stop.

Now I’m sitting by the lake enjoying the beautiful evening. John is singing in my ear and I am contemplating all the mysteries of my universe as the sun sets behind me. The moon is nearly full, just a sliver left to go and I can’t help but think of sweet Leigh-Cheri and our date later on this night. She will most certainly have more to say about the moon, and will probably weigh in on that impossible, unanswerable question of how to make love stay. The sky is now a shade of blue that is so soft it seems as though I could reach up and pluck a tuft of cotton candy from it. The clouds were pink a minute ago, but now there are traces of orange, red, and purple. The color of sienna is noticeably absent and I feel myself let go of an involuntary sigh.

As I sit here I wonder what tomorrow might hold. What will become of my weekend, of next week, or next month? What color will all these things in my life right now turn out to be as the sun and the moon continue their endless dance across the sky? Do I dare allow myself an ounce of hope that what I am feeling will not lead me down a road that ends in me staring at another sign that reads “wrong way”?

I’m doing that thing I do, taking the first turn too fast and just hoping I don’t end up in the dirt again. Feeling the speed of it, and the wind in my hair is just so unbelievable wonderful. The rush of happiness as it swooshes through the scene every time my mind has a minute to think about it. The feelings are addicting, and it is just hard to slow down.

After beating the sunset I was able to fix my front brake. Perhaps I need to tackle this task in my life; fix the brakes and then work really hard to apply some pressure. If I do that will it change the outcome? Will it have a positive effect on the situation, or will I just be cheating myself out of some of the best parts of a new road?

The sky is dark now and I guess it’s time to go meet Leigh-Cheri. Maybe she will have the answers that I seek…

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I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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