Winter Waiting

Winter Waiting

The almond amaretto cherry pie is long gone,
The farmers market is no more.
We’ve settled in for winter and the waiting,
For waiting is what winter is for.

Waiting for the longer days to come
And sprouts of color through the gray.
Here and now we cling to all that’s warm,
And hang on until each new day.

The fire we started cracks and burns.
We silently watch endless embers fly up.
Then reminisce over summer time
And sip some concoction from our cup.

We talk about all the things we’ll do
And conspire to make this year great.
We dream of almond amaretto cherry pie,
While all the winter we wait.

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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2 Responses to Winter Waiting

  1. Thomas Davis says:

    A graceful, graceful poem.

  2. Bluesander says:

    Inflicted with memories and beautiful imagery, you’ve created a very well-woven poem. It trickled down almost perfectly and that’s exactly what I loved it. Nothing’s perfect and nothing should be.
    I loved it and I will follow for more.

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