Memory No Match for Time

Memory No Match for Time

Happiness is fleeting, but do not fret.
For sadness is also temporary and try though they might
Neither will stand steadfast in the face of time.

And so what does one do now?
In the next moment when the last has faded away.
Twisting itself slowly in the mind.

The past is bent into something more or less,
A caught fish gets bigger, a hurt forgotten.
The ripples of time smoothing rough waters.

Some things once clear become murkey
A cherished moment tarnished by all that followed after.
And so what does one do now?

Chose wisely I say.
Face east in the morning with the sun,
And west as the day closes its doors.

And fear not the strength of feelings
They are only as powerful as the memory behind them.
Temporary and no match for the titan of time.

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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