Hello Trapper. Nice to Meet You.

It’s funny sometimes how the brain chooses to remember some things and forget others. We all have these selective memories to some degree and the things we don’t remember are just as telling as the things we do.

When I was a kid I don’t remember ever being particularly excited about the end of summer. I don’t remember looking forward to new schools, classes, teachers, or meeting new people. I don’t really recall any strong feeling for the opportunity to learn new and different things, though that changed as I got older. In high school I became very driven by learning new things and scoring better marks than my neighbor.

What I do remember are little peripheral details, like the fact that I loved school supply shopping. I looked forward to wandering down the aisles of Target or Walgreens and seeing what notebooks, binders, pens, and other things were on display. If I had my choice, I’d get color coordinated notebooks for all my subjects. Pens were required to write smooth and in Junior high when book covers were necessary, I spent hours working on those too.

Perhaps what that says about me is that I’m inherently more enthusiastic about the organizational aspect of a new endeavor and less concerned with the interpersonal connections. It’s probably why to this day when I meet someone new, I don’t tend to remember their name. Maybe if their name was Mead, or Bic, or Trapper I would. Maybe.

Anyway, my outlook on the end of Summer has not really changed much since I was a kid. I still associate this time of year with going back to school even if I’m no longer in school and things are even better because we now have Office Depot. That entire place is made for supply shopping office dwellers such as myself and I can go any damn time I want and buy whatever my school supply hoarding heart desires. Which, by the way, I don’t do – because I’m also frugal and hate waste and will not spend my money on things that I am not going to use. It’s still fun to go looking though.

In any case, no “August Blues” here, but don’t even get me started on September.


This post was inspired by the “Daily Post” prompt, 2014-08-27: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/august-blues/

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