My Other Superpower

My Other Superpower

I had four hours of sleep last night so I should be thinking about when would be a  good time to take a nap but instead I’m letting my brain linger over what I can remember of my dreams. I had two. 

One of them I know I have had before because when I woke up from it I remember thinking, finally I was able to prove to someone else I can fly. So yes, a recurring dream where I have the ability to will my body off the ground and up in the air. That’s how it starts. Eventually I have such mental control over things that I can slowly propel myself in a certain direction. So it’s not really flying like Superman, but more of a elevation, hover, with slow motion forward. I’ve glided over houses and trees, towns with streets and cities with tall buildings. I don’t recall ever flying over scenery like mountains and streams and I am not sure why. 

In my dream last night I was with a group of people at a cafe or something. It was really two distinct groups and the cafe was kind of in a treehouse setting. One table in one tree and a different table in a neighboring tree. I think the tree thing was important because how else would we be up in the air and therefore prompt the need to get from the ground up to cafe level? 

In the past when other people have been in my dream I’m always like “Oh yeah, I can fly” and they don’t believe me of course. Then when I try to prove it, it just does not work. It’s like when something is wrong with your car and it’s making a noise but when you take it to a mechanic it magically stops making the noise. I’ve lost so much credibility over this thing.. it’s a good thing it’s only a dream. 

But this morning, I said I could do it and dude rolled his eyes at me and was like “right”. I showed him I was not touching the lift at all and stood there and concentrated and started floating up. Then he’s all like “Holy Shit” and I was all like “oh yeah, it’s for real”. 

Then I hovered at cafe level for a few seconds just maintaining position. Another round of concentration and I was propelling myself forward toward the other tree. I wish I could find the words to describe the sensation. Concentration is really not the right word. It’s more like focus on the collective of cells that makeup my body and “willing” them to rise. Such a strange sensation, and pretty fucking awesome. 

You know what else I remember? The dude I was talking to was young and good looking and after he saw what I could do he was more interested in me. Because who would not want to be with a girl who could fly. Seriously. 

That dream was connected to the second dream which contained elements of the first but was in an entirely different setting. I was “flying” over San Fran and giving someone a tour of the city. I could not see this person, and I’m not sure if they were also flying or if I was willing them to fly. Surely I was not carrying them because that would mean I had two super powers, flight and super-strength. That’s so illogical. Everyone knows you are only allowed one super power. 

Anyhow, we were in the fine-art district and rounding a large civic center where they have fancy shin-digs like orchestra concerts and black-tie fund raisers. You know, the kind where they serve lots of courses that are so tiny. A thimble of soup, a custard cup of caesar salad, and until you see it in person you never knew whole chickens that small even existed. They probably imported them from New Guiney where they specialize in making everything smaller. That’s where the iPod shuffle was invented you know. I digress.

As we hovered past I pointed out a building one block away that had a really cool green facade covering the entire building from top to bottom. I noted that is where my friend Gabe lives and he’s a developer and has worked on some really cool projects including Spotify. He probably makes a boatload of cash, but rent in that building is like 4+ grand a month. Its a studio. Somehow I feel this is an important fact when I give folks a tour of the city, just so they know that it’s cool, but there is a down side. Like people don’t already know the outrageous cost of living in California.

It’s like I’m the PSA poster child for all things obvious. “Don’t stick your hand in that fire. That will be painful”. Ha. My superhero name is Captain Obvious, but it’s cool, because I can fly and now I can prove it. 

That is all I remember about the dreams I had last night, but that’s OK, because the flying ones are some of my favorites. ❤️ 

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