Driving Toward Sunset on July 2nd

Driving Toward Sunset on July 2nd

I’m driving in my Jeep tonight. Our Jeep.
     Doors off, no top, the sky open and growing dark.  

The air is a combination of backyard barbecue
     and 4th of July fireworks already in bloom.    

I want to feel this moment and let songs    
     I selected sway me. I venture west alone. 

I try to let the music pull my mind away from business     
     and buildings. I’m speeding with only passing glances 

through their glass-front windows. I’m not a stranger
      to giving in to the wind and the music in isolation. 

So many 4th of July celebrations spent without  
      my children or friends. A sacrifice I made to save myself 

from a future with the wrong person. For ten years 
       of solo bike rides I was determined to find my own way 

to the Missouri River. A sometimes winding path 
      with freedom to sing out loud or laugh or cry 

and change my mood with each new song. Tonight 
       neither the stereo nor the calendar have power 

to sway me. My thoughts are steeled with you, my love, 
       and the bike path you have planned for our 4th 

together—we’ll ride a stretch of the Missouri 
       I’ve never seen up close before. Your promise to me 

that I’ll never have to spend another holiday alone
        is the only music I hear tonight. 

And that music is calling me home.

About ShySpark

I blog, I garden, I eat cheeseburgers, and sometimes I travel. But mostly I just write poetry...
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