Lost Little Girl

Lost Little Girl

So there I was in the grocery store again
And contemplating the possibility of buying peaches
When I saw a little girl
Standing next to a magazine rack.
She was five, maybe six,
And she had hair as dark as death.
She appeared to be in distress
So I approached her.
“Are you
Lost little girl?”
She looked up at me with pale green eyes
And she smiled,
“I know I came from God
And I know I’m going to Heaven,
but I don’t know how to get there,
And I don’t know where I am.
Can you tell me?”

All I could say was,
“You are in a grocery store.”
Because in that moment I realized
I was as lost as that little girl.
And even more confused.
So I decided to skip the peaches
and see a therapist instead.

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