Seven Silly Slime Slugs

Seven Silly Slime Slugs

One day I went a walking
Inside a weary wood
And soon the path grew tiresome
As I knew it could.

So I sat upon an old stump
rotted from the weather
Next to me were seven slime slugs
sitting close together.

They began rolling, so, and laughing
Very silly to be true
Whether they were friendly creatures
No one really knew.

They left trails of saliva on the stump
and everywhere they went.
If there were a million slugs
These woods would sure be spent.

But there were only seven here
And they were covered all with slime
I tried to pick and hold one up
But it was a slippery waste of time.

Never the less, the night was fast
And so I traveled home.
Unaware that for all my journey
I was not alone.

They rolled all the way to my place
And slid under the door
I fed them cottage cheese for dinner
But then they wanted more.

I gave them all I had to offer
But that still was not enough.
They began rolling on my chairs and tables
And sliming all my stuff.

My food was gone, my house was wrecked
So what was I to do?
I could not catch the silly things
That was all I knew.

I searched my brain for a plan
To make them gone forever
I had to do something to survive
This was my last endeavor.

As soon as they became tired
And fell down for a nap
I borrowed chips from my neighbor
And then I set the trap.

When they woke they sensed the food
And headed that way straight
I hid behind the kitchen door
Silently in wait.

They rolled into the microwave
They weren’t even suspicious
I nuked those seven silly slime slugs.
Mmmm… They were delicious!


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