The Past and the Future

The Past and the Future

I have lots of memories
Floating around my crazy brain.
Times when I was happier than the flowers of life,
And times when I was very insane.

None of them, though, really show
What I want you to see
They don’t express who I am
Just who I used to be.

My memories are meant to stay in the past
With all their sorrow and their glory
Tomorrow is what is important now
Today is the start of the story.

So the memory that is recorded here
Isn’t really a memory at all
It is a vision, and hope for the future
A dream that is both great and small.

It is who I really am
Or who I will become tomorrow
Where I leave the past and look to the future
With all its glory and or sorrow…


One day, I was standing at the edge of darkness. I could see the horizon spread across my life. It was dim, slightly pink, but quickly changing. The light was rising faster than I could live and the sky illuminated with blue. It was not a dull blue, like faded tears, but instead bright and alive and in perpetual motion.

I felt myself smile as if I knew it was meant for me. And it was. I turned for a moment and looked upon the path behind me and quickly dispelled the shadows strewn across it from my mind. For there was not enough room inside me to hold both the past and the future.

And so I left the edge of darkness and went forth with a new abundance of hope, a handful of beliefs, and just a little bit of uncertainty. I entered a new horizon that day. One that allowed me to be in perpetual motion, and live life fast enough to catch the light of the rising sun.

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