A Very Long Year

A Very Long Year

So many questions with too few answers for the taking.
One cannot mend a broken heart that is still involved with breaking.
Drifting along here, a very long year, with the haze of one thing spilling onto another.
When every passing day feels like a blur, each one no different than the other.

What epiphany shall this way come and wake me from my sleeping
What door will open before my eyes and free me from safe keeping
I can’t go back from whence I came so in limbo I will stay
Until a light shines on this life and brings the dawn of a new day.


I could not find the real original on this one, but it was posted on FB on December 7, 2009 and moved to Turmoil and Transformation on March 14, 2010

I also know that the original had three stanzas. There was one in the middle, but that’s probably lost forever…

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