So here I am left alone again in the dark.
Just like so many moments in my past
Whether it be dancing by the light of the lighted screen
Or letting my fingers do the dancing
I am meant for the darkness.

My heart and soul alike are meant for darkness.
Each time I answer that crying question with “yesterday”
I become more aware of my natural disposition.
The thought that sadness somehow makes me happy
As ironic as it seems, liberates my mind.

In that I am released from expectations.
Its acceptance for things I know deep down as truth.
The knowledge that I can be OK with the endlessness
Of every painful part of my world
Sets me free and completes me.

In the dark I can feel the pain and let it wash over me
I can embrace it and let it fill me up
With inspiration and with tears.
Then, as the light of every next day appears
I can rejoice in the happiness that the pain has brought to me.


Original Copy in Turmoil and Transformation
August 2, 2008

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