Sharpening The Sword

Some selections from Sharpening the Sword:
Anti Revelation
Calling The Thunder
Getting There
One Falling
The Cliffs of Moher
The Log
The Mariner
The Movement
The Power Of Crying
The Well
Treasure Seekers
Valentine’s Day

Sharpening the Sword is a collection, much like Words of Wisdom in that it was not spawned from a journal. The original purpose of this book was to generate ideas and to try and keep my talent sharp by trying to write a poem as often as possible. It contains quotes, passing notions to remember later, simple feelings and thoughts, and of course, the poetry. I have been told that poetry is the most challenging type of writing to tackle. If one could be diligent enough to write a poem each and every day, they can do any kind of writing they set their mind to. That was the main “purpose” of the book.

There were three rules I wanted to stick to in that endeavor. The first was simple, since it was not supposed to be a journal, that there be no keeping of time. I noted the start date, and a few dates along the way, but the entries themselves are not dated. This lack of time keeping is counter-intuitive to my usual method, but I thought that might make what I was trying to do easier.

The second rule was that there not be any “account” of current events, no intros or explanations of where things were coming from. Just keeping it simple, again. This was not entirely possible, as there were a few times I had to account for and the book was my only modality.

The third rule, of course, was the primary objective to write a poem every day. Laughable really, because who has time for that. I then stretched it to a poem a week, but even that is tough when life is pulling your physical being in 10 directions, none of which has anything to do with the goal.

So the start of it was April 2010, shortly after the end of my Punctuated Equilibrium. And here is the opening for posterity:

How many years has it been my friend? How many stops and starts? What great lengths have I now been through to be reunited with you oh dear one. Now the time has come for us to walk together again and not reminisce our past but begin anew. No re-discovery, just discovery. Glorious day let us embrace with eyes open, hearts afire, and minds at the ready to seize what is rightfully ours like victors in battle.

My intuition speaks to me of this journey and what she has revealed gives me confidence that something great is upon us. So let us go now, not gentle, and be the spark and wield the sword and make our mark upon the world…

That last bit is one of my favorite quotes, hence the name, Sharpening the Sword.


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