Raining – Part 1

Is it raining where you are,
One hundred and thirty miles away?
I’ve saved a plate for you right here,
In case you come home someday.

My eyes heavy now, longing for the dark
To rest for tomorrow’s light
And I sleep with the sound of the pouring rain
As it continues through the night.

Raining – Part 2

I know it’s raining where you are
Because you are right across the street
No need for plains and trains and cars
I can get there with my feet.

My breathing slows, calmed by the rain
And fast approaching sleep.
No need for special meditation
Or counting any sheep.

Per chance I’ll dream of brighter days
When all the rain’s behind me
And has me calling out for you
“I’m right here would you come find me?”

Raining – Part 3

It’s not raining anymore
The night is cold and still
And though the summer doth approach
The air still holds a chill

Tonight the state of mind I’m in
I don’t care where you are
I just want the sleep to take me away
From here so very far.

If I make it to the other side
Of this night that is before me
You might get yourself just one more chance
To come hither and adore me.

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