Simple Expressions

Some selections from Simple Expressions:
A Story
Early Morning Sun
Lonely Lovely Lilacs
Perpetual Thunder
The Nameless, the Child, and Me
Precious Heart Determined
Miracles Make Faith

Simple Expressions is a collection of poems from volume 2 of the surviving journals which is titled “Bridges of Light”.

The time period for that volume was March of 1991 through June of 1991.

That span takes us from spring of my senior year through graduation. That particular volume contains arguably the largest amount of fluff of all the others. It stands to reason, though, because it is a whole notebook and documents only 3 months of my life.

The volume opens up with discussion about my first kiss and includes lots of details about school and boys and prom with a fair amount of family drama mixed in. All in all not worth much as a work in its own right, but exactly what you would expect from an emotional teenage girl.

Here I have included a snippet from one entry where the official title was declared…

May 28, 1991

You know I put the name Bridges of Light in fingernail polish on the front of this notebook and my friend Nikki saw it. She asked me what it meant. I figured she was just being silly wondering like that so I replied back “whatever you take it to mean”.

She said “ya, but what does it mean to you?”

I did not know if she was serious so I questioned her “do you really want to know?”

She said “Yes” so I proceeded in explaining the concept to her. Though I was of course making it up as I went along it turned out very nicely. (When I put that there in polish I just did it cuz it looked neat and sounded cool). So what does it mean you ask?

Well, light is a symbol of truth, honesty, and good. Bridges are ways to get across places that without a bridge could not be crossed. Together I think it means that it takes truth, honesty, and faith to get from time to time in your life especially over troubled times and bridges of light are the things that help you get across. So that is what I have determined it means.

This chapter of my life will forever be known as “Bridges of Light” because that is what each day, each page has meant for me. It has brought me over the times that I cried and let me see in darkness that there was a way across and that there always was.


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