A Story

A Story

I really felt like writing you today
But I did not have very much to say
So when I opened my notebook and pulled out my pen
I had no idea on how to begin…

I was sitting outside
Not too long ago
When my brain began twitching
And my thoughts started to grow.

The wind was blowing very soft
Yet swiftly through the trees
And the grass and the flowers
Were dancing in the same cool breeze.

The sun was almost down
And I was in my chair
Of things that were about to happen
I was very unaware.

I rhymed as I wrote
When I thought of things to tell
Then a Miata pulled up
And it parked there very well.

A handsome brown eyed young man
Stepped out of the car
And he looked at me and smiled
And said he’d come from very far.

He said he had heard of me and come
To take and make me a star
He extended his hand out to me
Then we both got in the car.

I said goodbye silently
And then we drove away
I never returned to that place
Until this very day.

That’s the story I had to write
To tell you how my dreams had found me
As I sat in my chair, looking up at the trees
While the breeze blew cool around me.


Written May 31, 1991
Original copy in “Bridges of Light”
Yes – Even back then I was fascinated by the red Mazda, I still want one…

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