The Nameless, the Child, and Me

The Nameless, the Child, and Me

There are golden sun and light beams
That sing silent sweet and pure dreams
Left nameless by clear blue streams.

It’s there that love breaks down the walls of strife
And as we journey through the hurt of life
Our hope cuts the pain like a knife.

But when this happily ever after fails
We’re found poisoned by these fairy tails
And end up dwelling on small details.

Then we continue on through darkened skies
And bless the child that feels and cries
A silent tear when the nameless dies.

I too journey blindly for I can’t see
And hold on to faith and destiny
And silently pray that the child is me.

For she alone finds her way in the night
Even with lack of beams of light
Because she possesses the nameless as is her right.

She is the nameless, the child, and me.


Written April 28, 1991
Original copy in “Bridges of Light”

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