The Night Journal

Some selections from The Night Journal:
Search for Truth

The Night Journal is a journal from the time period of January of 2001 through September of 2002.

What sets it apart from most others is that at the time, I was really keeping two set’s of writing. I had my ‘usual’ journal in which I would account for my day and the general state of my emotions, and then I had this, the darker half. It did not start out that way, and was, at first, just another notebook that I wrote stuff in. But as time progressed, I found myself only using it when I found myself in some deep, somber places.

It also just so happens that this particular journal is a notebook with black paper…and the pen I used was a light gel pen which made the pages look like the negative of a photo. So the book itself was dark, and the writing was dark, and thus, the journal became “The Night Journal”.


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