The Simply Vera Era

This collection is more recent. There is nothing more to be said, and that is the simple truth.

The Forest

I was in a forest, you see
And could not see it for the trees
And once I was finally out
That it was a forest, there was no doubt.

I have some thoughts on this, if you care
About being abandoned and stuck right there
And paying the price of lost faith and lost reason
All through the spring and summer season

Even now as I stroll across this sunny shore
My anger about it stays evermore
Some sort of closure’s what I think is due
So I can finally rid my thoughts of you.

Perhaps I’ll burn the forest down
Until there’s nothing left but ash and ground
And walk clean away like it never existed
Like so many hurt feelings you somehow resisted.

So when you go looking, if you ever dare
The most you will find will be ground that is bare.
There will be no forest, for there will be no trees.
It will be you all alone with a ghostly cold breeze.

But that type of destruction is not something I condone
To remember and learn from the past is what I own.
I’ll let my words tell a story for any who care to hear it.
A warning about the forest, and to be wary to near it.

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