The Keys

The Keys

You found the perfect girl and she only wanted you
She gave you the keys to the castle and she told you what to do
But you denied her with excuses and you denied her with the past
And you denied all that she had to offer because you said it wouldn’t last.

And to top it off you skipped away into the arms of another girl
Which turned her thoughts inside out and made her woes unfurl
But for your need, you kept her close and would not truly let her go
So she held on tight, clinging to all the things you had to show.

Until one day she’d had enough with her heart being so broken
And let go of every dream and wish and word that had once been spoken
And in this healing process found she was stronger than before
And that every missed-fired chance of fate can lead to another door.

That other door is open now, and waiting to be waked through
And beyond the threshold of it, is the promise of something true
Realizing now how big this is, and the error of your ways
You reach out with desperation and hope she chooses you and stays.

But it’s too late, that story is over, before you ever let it start
And history repeats itself (again), with the breaking of another heart
The moral of this un-fairy tale is to use the keys that you are given
And not let the past, or your fear keep you from the love you should be living.

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