Vow of Silence

Vow of Silence

I walked away deflated from this thing that had been done.
I constantly debated “why” on a topic that could not be won.
And reaching my conclusion about all that’s in the past
Meant finally finding what is right and what is meant to last.

To that end I stopped trying to reconstruct the night it feel apart
When that god dammed “Wish List” song drilled a hole inside my heart.
All the lies on top of lies with “I love you” sitting at the top.
It took a vow of silence on my part just to make it stop

And still it lingers in my brain, a scar that will not go away
A thought I must keep bottled up until my dying day
For if you knew I think of you even in anger and in pain.
Then all my attempts to keep silent will have been in vain.

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