The Two Llama’s Pajamas

Beware, this space is a portal to a parallel universe known as the Two Llama’s Pajamas. This collection of writing comes from my participation in blogging classes, various on-line writing challenges, and random daily prompts.

In early 2015 (February), I signed up for and completed the WordPress two week writing “class”, Blogging 201, which was an introduction to poetry. Through that experience I gained more knowledge about different forms of poetry and some new poetic devices I had not heard of before. I also got a pretty good lesson in how these online classes go with active participation in a “common” blog space and contributing comments and feedback to others. The class consisted of ten assignments and my submission for each assignment is as follows:

Assignment #1: Water
Assignment #2: Daydreaming
Assignment #2 (Second Submission): Center Stage
Assignment #3: Requisite to Trust
Assignment #4: Jumper
Assignment #5: Photographs and Memories
Assignment #6: The Heroes All Around Me
Assignment #7: Idle Music
Assignment #8: Ode To My Journal
Assignment #9: A Rescue In Time
Assignment #9 (second submission): The Year Around Me
Assignment #10: Light of the Rising Sun


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