Words of Wisdom

Words of Widsom is a different sort of collection. In the summer of 1992 I did not keep a journal. I was stricken with a weird case of writers block. I wrote very little, but the things I did produce held a greater weight because of the lack of fluff. It is a collection of random writings and poems differing from my previous works in that they were not produced though my usual methods.

The time period for that volume was, for all intensive purposes, just the summer of 1992.

The most notable (yet absent) significant thing in my life at that time was Brian’s exit to Texas for basic training. Though I have no journals documenting that, I have a collection of letters that the two of us wrote back and forth, during his stint in Texas and the move to tech school in the following fall.

The individual items in this collection speak of my struggles with life and with my lack of inspiration. I write about the writer’s block and try and use that to get myself on the right track.

Here I have included a snippet from one entry titled “Writer’s Block” (no dates on any of these)…

“…Plain blank pages are nothing, they are naked without words. Likewise I am nothing without the pen and paper and without the words I will surely die…”


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