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The Year Around Me

The Year Around Me The world outside is dark, and winter has a tight hold. The bitter wind howls and everything is inches deep with cold. It’s months like these I’m in denial, and in my house I hide. And … Continue reading

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Circles of Life…

I was outside today and working around the yard on several projects that all seem to be running in parallel. Each task seems to have a prerequisite which needs to be satisfied which leads to some other thing that becomes … Continue reading

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Un-Cyclical Science

Un-Cyclical Science All the silence that comes is not peace All endings do not bring something new. Life and death are natures simple circles And what is perception isn’t always true. There are frequencies of nth dimensions And miles of … Continue reading

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Virginia Lives

Virginia Lives I gaze upon the sky and heavy questions burden my soul. Why am I here and what is the purpose of this life? There are answers to lesser questions that I am sure of, but none of those … Continue reading

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